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What are the top 6 delicious durians in the world? This article will help you answer this question. You are armed with the knowledge about the specialty and price of each kind of durian, as well as places supplying the freshest, affordable, and delicious durians, in case you want to enjoy this fruit.


Ri6 Durian

Ri6 durian is known for its thick, dry flesh. It is sweet, good-smelling, and greasy-free once it has been ripe. The bright yellow of the thick not only highlights the overall durian appearance but can also stimulate your eyes and your taste buds.

Since it was founded, Ri6 durian won the attention of people by its high-quality economic purebred variety. Ri6 durian has a round shape, small, dense spines, and green skin. It can weigh up to 3 – 5 kg once it is ripe. Pulps are usually large and clear, making them easy to peel from the endocarps.

Ri6 durian is ideally grown in hot and rainy climates. Therefore, Ri6 durian appears more and more in the Mekong River Delta in Vietnam.

And it has brought a high economic effect to the people living here. So, after it’s been ripe, it will be harvested and brought to the market to serve consumers directly.

To grow durians with flat seeds, yellow and sweet flesh, appetizing scent, that is loved by many people. The cultivating durian process must meet the standards.

How much is Ri6 Durian?

6Ri Durian is sold at the price of 135.000 VND – 150.000 VND/ kg

Ri6 Durian

Thai Durian

Thai Durian or Dona Durian – Monthong durian, is a kind of durian that is grown mainly in the Mekong River Delta and the South-west region in Vietnam.

Durian has a slightly big end and a small end. Its spines are usually sparse and large, about 1,25 cm in length. Take a comparison with Ri6 Durian, Thai Durian is lighter in weight with only 2 – 4kg/ fruit.

Thai Durian’s flesh will be very thick once ripened. The flesh is elegantly sweet, delicious, not too greasy, which is the reason why many people love it.

The flesh will have a bright yellow color when the durian is ripe. Although this color is not eye-catching, Thai Durian’s taste is as wonderful as other first-rate durians.

Thai Durian is not only eaten raw, it can be used to make many excellent dishes, such as Durian Sweet Dessert, Durian Cake, Durian Ice Cream, etc.

How much is Thai Durian?

Dona Durian – Monthong Durian is sold at the price of 100,000 VND – 140,000 VND/ kg.

Musang King Durian – Malaysia Durian

Musang King Durian is one of the most delicious durians in the world. It is named the “King” of durians. It is seen as a symbol of Malaysian cuisine.

Malaysia Durian is harvested when it is fully ripe, it falls on the ground. People do not harvest this kind of durian when it is still on the tree, like those grown in Vietnam or Thai.

Musang King Durian – Malaysia Durian

The durian has a green oval shape, and it is not too large in size. The distance between the spines of the durian is quite far. The spines are very big making it look like a pyramid. The peduncle is quite flat without spines. These are also specialties of this Malaysian durian.

The taste is slightly bitter, not too sweet, so you can enjoy it as much without feeling tired of it. The flavor of this kind of durian is as bitter as an avocado. When a durian falls from the tree, it will be harvested and separated to take the flesh. Then, it will be frozen and supplied to the consumer markets.

The flesh of this durian is yellow. It is creamy and smooth in texture, while fiber-free and quite firm on the surface. The pulps do not stick with each other. The high proportion of flat seeds with the delicious and good-smelling flesh make it a characteristic flavor of the Malaysian Durian.

How much is Malaysian Durian?

Musang King – Malaysian Durian is sold at the price of 400,000 VND – 500,000 VND/ box of 400gr in weight.

Red durian

This red durian is very popular in the market. It stimulates customers curiosity because it has a different color from the best durian in the world. It is grown in Malaysia with other name “Tabelak, Sukang”.

Red durian

The flesh of red durian does not have characteristic gloden like other durians. The highlight red of flesh made curiosity customers .

The red durian is not only highlight about flesh color, but also it has slightly aroma like 6ri durian or Thailand durian. The flesh of red durian is sweet and soft. The red durian aroma is the same with yellow durian.

The flesh has brilliant red like Gac color. The red durian seed is the same jackfruit seed. The red durian flesh is quite thin and dry like yellow durian in the market. But when you eat it, it has very attractive sour and sweet taste.

How much is red durian?

The price of red durian in the market is about 86.000 – 200000 VND per kilogam, depending on each type.

Cai Mon Durian

Cai Mon durian is famous specialty in the western region. Cai Mon durian is not only loved in the domestic, it also has become one of the best durians in the world.

This durian often has small shape with 3 kilogam. The Cai Mon durian does not too sweet like Farm durian. It has a moderate sweetness like 6ri durian. The flesh has yellow like chicken fat. The seeds are flat, so they are loved by visitors.

Cai Mon Durian

This durian is not only used to eat directly, but also it used to produce many delicious dishes such as durian ice cream, durian sticky rice, Durian sweetened porridge, Durian crepe cake,…it is very suitable for people who love eating durian, but they can not stand this aroma.

How much is Cai Mon durian

The price of Cai Mon Durian in the market is about 135.000 VND per kilogam.

Bitter Durian

Green Bitter Durian is one of the durian variety that have appeared for a long time. But it is not like the musang King durian. This durian variety is grown a lot in the MeKong Delta.

It is known as bitter durian. Because durian fruit not only has sweet taste, but also it has bitter taste like bitter melon. This durian aroma is unique so it is also loved in the market.

Bitter Durian

There are two types of durian: green bitter durian and yellow bitter durian. Each type has own characteristics about size, aroma and color. But green bitter durian is loved more.

Green bitter durian is a type of durian with small and thick thorns,green peel, sharp thorns like bitter melon. The flesh of durian has slight yellow. The flesh is pasty, but it has slight aroma ,fatty and sweet taste.

Especially, bitter taste like bitter melon make people feeling unique and exotic taste. The durian sweetness with bitter of melon bitter make people uncomfortable.

How much is bitter durian?

The price of bitter durian is about 120000-130000 VND per kilogam.

Farm durian

This durian has naturally sweet, not too harsh and more fatty taste. The flesh is quite pasty but it has a strong aroma. Therefore, farm durian is also the number one choice for durian lovers.

Like Monthong Durian, 6ri Durian, Farm Durian is a type of durian with flat seed. The shape of durian is cylindrical. The peel will change into gray or yellow gray when it ripe. The thorns are quite large and thick. The average weight is about 2,5 kilogam.

Although the outside appearance is not uniform, the inside has great taste. When it ripes, the durian is sweet and not strong taste. It is also faint and comfortable taste.

How much is farm durian?

The price of farm durian is about 130000-150000 VND per kilogam.