Vietnam Jackfruit

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Jackfruit is a tropical fruit that is commonly loved by many people. That’s why it is grown in almost 3 regions of the country. So, do you know how many types of jackfruits are there in Vietnam? In this article, we will list the top 5 most delicious types of jackfruits currently grown across the territory of Vietnam. Let’s keep rolling to know what they are!

The most delicious types of jackfruits in Vietnam at this present

Nowadays, there are many different varieties of jackfruit in Vietnam, which can be temporarily divided into 2 types: jackfruit with dry bulbs (tough jackfruit pods), and jackfruit with wet bulbs (honey jackfruit with tender pods).

The most delicious types of jackfruits

Vietnamese Cempedak (Mit To Nu)

Cempedak will grow the best in the hot and humid climate. It can’t stand the water-logging conditions. And it should be provided enough water to be alive during the dry season.

Cempedak is a large woody plant belonging to the Moraceae. It is grown mostly in countries with tropical climates, such as Southeast Asia countries, and North American countries.

Vietnamese Cempedak (Mit To Nu)

Cempedak has an average height of 10m; After being cultivated for 3-5 years, it will produce a huge number of fruits of the same size. Cempedak fruit has an ovoid shape, with a length of 50cm, and a width of approximately 17cm.

Cempedak fruit has an average weight of about 3kg, which is lighter than other jackfruit varieties. You will find its aroma floating in the air around the garden, once it is ripe.

When you cut open it, its aroma starts to spread throughout the room. Bulbs have bright yellow or orange colors with large seeds. Cempedak’s characteristic aroma will make you fall in love with it while enjoying it.

Thai Jackfruit

Super Early Thai Jackfruit is a fruit tree imported from overseas, as well as grown in Vietnam in recent years. This tree has the potential of being a fruit tree that develops the local economy for many localities in the future.

Thai jackfruit will grow the best in the hot and humid climate. It can’t stand the water-logging conditions. And it should be provided enough water to be alive during the dry season.

Thai Jackfruit

Thai jackfruit is a woody plant with a height of up to 20m, with many branches, tender core, and alternate single dark-green leaves which are very shiny with yellow leaf veins.

Ripe fruit can weigh 10 – 15kg; when the fruit is young, it has a green color. But then it slightly turns yellow with an aromatic smell once it has been ripe.

This Super Early Thai Jackfruit can be harvested very early; From the date of planting to the date of the first harvesting, it only takes about 12 – 15 months; It bears fruits all year round, especially in the Summer.

Thai Jackfruit has many thick and big bulbs, with the characteristic scent; yellow-orange and smooth flesh with the elegant sweetness and small seeds. It is less sticky on your hands and mouth when you are enjoying it. It tastes delicious and appetizing.

Raw green jackfruit on tree in Vietnam.

The Thai Jackfruit tree grows the best in nutrient-rich soilS, such as the well-drained alluvial soils

Seedless jackfruit

Seedless jackfruit is the most popular and loved in all jackfruit varieties, including growers and buyers. Because Seedless jackfruit has sweet aroma, but it is not as strong as other jackfruit varieties, with uniform segment thickness, no seeds inside, small pulp, little fiber.

When Seedless jackfruit is cut, there is completely no latex/plastic, especially, the edible part of jackfruit is up to 90%.

Red flesh jackfruit

Red flesh jackfruit comes from Thailand. It just appears in our country in recent years. Red flesh jackfruit brings eye-catching color and delicious taste compared to other jackfruit varieties.

Red flesh jackfruit

Since Red flesh jackfruit appears, it has created a fever in the Vietnamese market, but it has not shown any sign of decline. Each eye-catching pink-orange segment is different from yellow jackfruit, it makes you want to enjoy them right away.

Each segment is thick and chewy with sweet taste. Especially, they have banana oil fragrant. The longer jackfruit, more red and sweeter and softer is to eat.

Red flesh jackfruit is not only delicious, but also it is quite large and heavy. On average, each fruit is about 10 kilogam. There is also fruit with 15 kilogam.

Red flesh jackfruit variety is loved by many gardeners because it grows fast and harvest early. You just need to grow seedlings within 18 months, you can harvest them. Red flesh jackfruit tree also provides fruit all year round and the productivity is quite high, so it helps everyone so much in many places.

Yellow jackfruit

Yellow jackfruit comes from India. It is grown in many places in our country to provide the increasing demand for this jackfruit variety.

Yellow jackfruit

Yellow jackfruit is a woody tree. It can grow up to 20m. The tree has many branches with soft core, dark green leaves,yellow veins, simple leaves with oval or inverted ovate, thick blade, the parts of the tree are sticky and latex coated white.

The fruit can weigh from 5-10kilogam. When the fruit is young, it is green. When the fruit ripe, it is slightly yellow with fragrant. When it comes to productivity, this is one of the jackfruit varieties with very high productivity. On average, it takes about 4 years for the jackfruit tree to provide fruit.

Yellow jackfruit has many thick and large segment with characteristic aroma. The flesh is yellow-orange, smooth, crisp with moderate sweetness and small seed. When you enjoy jackfruit segment, it less sticky hands and mouth, so it is delicious.