Vietnam Rice

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Three time bringing vietnamese rice to the world competition, Ho Quang Cua engineer, the “father” of ST25 rice feel heartbroken when international scientists review that Viet nam is a “exporting cheap and fragrant rice” country.

“Cheap and fragrant rice”! With A scientist spend 20 years to improve the value of vietnamese rice, this comment is very heavy, when it comes to ordinary rice, little reputation and selling with low price.

The quality of ST25 Rice have been asserted, but until ST25, the “Rice Pearls” of Vietnam are appreciated by the world with the name”the best rice in the world”.

Vietnam Rice

According to father of this good rice, Ho Quang Cua engineer compared to ST Rice before- Rice with the name “Soc Trang” is the capital of rice in the Mekong Delta, ST25 has reached a special plasticity and deliciouness.

ST24 and ST25 made him confidently to confirm that Vietnam Rice has passed Thailand Rice about quality. Vietnam Rice is not only delicious, elongated and not dry for a long time like Thailand or Cambodian, but also it has good resistance to pests and diseases and bring highly productivity.

With the vision of research team, ST24 and ST25 have been certified organic by USDA and European standards a year later, and they become typical production and export that value consumer health and environment.

Harvest rice in “ big field”

The only person in vietnam who always joins to the cooking contest proudly shared that “through examination results as well as comparison with biochemical goal between rices groups, we feel extremely confident.

Today, with attestation of international arbitrators, vietnamese rice has surpassed them. From now, delicious rice gourmets in the world can find good rice all year round “ made in Vietnam”.

“Rice Pearls” ST25 contain hundreds of precious genes

“Rice Pearls” ST25 contain hundreds of precious genes, including DT8 fragant rice genes from northern villages.

Comeback to more than 20 years ago, an international projects helps to Viet Nam crossbreeding by irradiation. Many research institute in the south receive project, but there are only a few research groups in the south. Rice seeds was brought to research such as Hà Giang violet rice,DT8 fragrant rice and some ST3 rice seeds, with some rice seeds in the south.

ST25 collected many precious gene resources of Vietnam Rice.

At that time, Ho Quang Cua engineer received this research with personal name. About specialization, he confirmed that he have to find step by step, but the consistent desire is to find the best rice in Viet Nam, so he is still determined to work and learn at the same time.

ST25 collected many precious gene resources of Vietnam Rice.

After irradiating, Mr.Cua Group brought any fragrant seed to plant. From Ha Giang violet rice, he crossbreeded into Soc Trang purple rice. The gene source of DT8 rice was brought into crossbreeding to create all ST rice, for example, ST20 includes three gene of DT8 rice. This feature can help Viet rice to get rid of “yoke” of “elder” Khao Dawk Mali.

The father of gloden rice in Viet Nam shared “if there is no unique gene, how can Viet rice make a different to compete with Thailanf Rice?

The most proud thing with Ho Quang Cua is that rice products after crossbreeding are not only delicious, but also they have disease resistance and high adaptability with external factors.

ST Rice with high production, less pesticides and insecticides

ST Rice with high production, less pesticides and insecticides will make good condition for people to produce rice with higher food safety and hygiene, without residual chemistry.

From the understand about the rice export market with many experience years as a manager of agricultural industry of a scientist, he say that safety rice is very important factor.

If you follow intensive cultivation way, fertilizers management, unseriously chemicals, unclean rice, it is impossible to join in high- quality rice market. And it also can not compare with high- quality rice seeds that have been formed name for many years in the international market.

Agricultural experts show that establishing branch for Viet Rice is a long process. We need to create branch for rice, including international brand, region branch and business branch.

After establishing branch, we need to preserver and protect the branch. If Vietnam delicious rice wan to stand in the international market as well as long-term customers, the branch have to be trusted by customers.