Vietnam Tea

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Viet Nam is a famous country with tea drinking traditional for a long time. Tea appear in all life activities of Vietnamese. From conversations to seminars,the tea is indispensable part. This tradition has been extended to the world through tea exports. So where are the types of tea exported in Viet Nam? Where is the address to supply good and reliable tea? Let find out in the article below!

Before coming to the types of tea in Viet Nam, Vietnam continues to become the largest export partner to Taiwan in the first 5 months of this year with 5,76 tons of tea, 8,17 million USD total turnover and decreasing10,66% compare to the same period.

Vietnam’export tea

Vietnam’s export tea to Taiwan the first 5 months accounted for 51,12% of total tea imports of Taiwan. It also accounted for 28,35% of the total value. The next partners include Japan, srilanka, India and Indonesia.

There are 35 provinces for growing tea with 125.000 hectares of total area, mostly in the northern midland and mountainous provinces, North Central Coast and Central Highlands. Vietnam’export tea reached 100 million USD every year.

Now, Vietnam has exported tea to 107 countries, ranking 7th about production and 6th about export volume. However, Vietnam’tea products do not have a brand name in the world.

In this year, The turnover of tea export in Vietnam will exceed 100 million USD for the first time with 95,000 tons of all types of tea, increasing 20% compare to last year.

The first 9 months of 2016, Tea export activities in Vietnam was relatively positive with 76 million USD total turnover(equivalent to 72000 tons), rising 22% about value and 23% about volune compare to last year. Let see some popular teas in Vietnam.

Fresh Tea

The ingredient in this tea include old and young tea leaves, big and small, fresh, without any processing. Tea leaves is washed after picking. Then, Artisans will crush tea leaves by hand and put into a kettle or large water pot as well as add fresh ginger slices until boiling.

Fresh Tea

The boiled tea will be poured into cups to drink immediately. Or if you want to drink gradually all day, you can put it in a keep warm kettle.Fresh Tea color will bing a fresh and beautiful green color.

It depends on each region that each type of tea has a different harvesting method. For example, Gay Tea region in Nghe An will use the long branch from 30-40 cm. It includes big and small leaves, bud, serrated edges, chlorophyll green. Or Xuan Mai Tea region in Ha Dong will pick each leaf, including old, thick, small, yellow with serrated edges leaves.

Bud Tea

Bud Tea are also known as floweing bud tea. This tea is harvested when buds are young(Pepper buds). It is often picked in october and november of the calendar. After picking, The tea is dried in the shade until it become to be green. Although drying in the shade will take longer than in the sun, the tea will have higher quality, keeping the green tea buds.

Bud Tea

This tea is loved by women and elderly because caffeine percentage is low with only 2.00% and less stimulation. Besides, to make the tea more fragrant, you can add chrysanthemun to the tea. This tea is produced a lot in provinces such as Nghe An, Ha Binh Son.

Bang Tea

The main ingredient of this tea is old leaves It is crushed or minced into pieces long from 2mm-1cm with dark green and slightly red. Tea leaves is dried without the processing.

Bang Tea

The percentage of fat in Bang Tea is large with 7.14%. It includes 2.00%cafein, 5.25% tanin, 1,25% protein, 4.30% total ash, 1.40% soluble ash, and 19.10% soluble substance. Van village in Thanh Hoa is the first place to produce Bang Tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Tea is produced from China(Phuc Kien Quang Dong) and Taiwan. Oolong Tea will experience many stages.The tea will be withered and fermented. Then, it is crushed combined with dried to make product finally.

When you brew oolong tea, it will have a golden color, rich taste and deep aroma. Different ingredients of oolong tea will produce other oolong tea names such as Thuy Tien, Dai Hong Bao, Sac Chung, Thiet Quan Am, Ky Chung,….

Black Tea

This tea accounts for a large proportion in export structure of our country. Black Tea is produced by OTD technology process: fresh tea – withered- crushed- fermented- dried- classified. Black tea is divided into many types from low quality to high quality, depending on the sizes of tea wings such as OP, P, BOP, BP , FBOP, PS , F, D.

Black Tea

Black tea has a fresh red- brown ,easy to drink and mild aroma.

Green Tea

This tea is grown and poduced a lot in Viet Nam, China, Taiwan, Japan. They are processed the following stages: fresh tea- fermented- cooled- crushed- dried- classified. When you brew green tea, it will have fresh yellow- green color, strong taste, a nuggets aroma.

The Yeast is killed by using cast iron pan or yeast removal machine in 230-250 dregee (star tea), steaming hot water(steamed tea), blanching quickly in boiling water(blanching tea). Drying by heat, cast iron pan( stars transparent), drying charcoal(fire tea), or drying in the sun with charcoal drying( sunshines tea).

Fresh flower Tea

The ingredient of this tea includes flowers such as jasmine, lotus, ylang-ylang, gooseberry, wolf, cinnamon grapefruit. Each production facility will have own recipes. In general, it includes the following basic stages: picking fresh flower and tea, mixing flower and tea together, drying, cooling, sifting flower and producing fresh flower tea.

Fragant Tea

Fragant Tea is a mix of tea with dried aromas such as dried chrysanthemum, dried moringa, cinnamon, licorice, coriander seed, anise,.. Each facility has different rates. The processing of Fragant Tea includes: selecting flavor- tea star- mixing falvor and star- marinade in the box.

Fragant Tea

Types of export tea in Vietnam

There are three types of export tea in Viet nam. It includes: black tea, green tea and raw tea.

Black tea

Black tea is loved in developed countries because it is easy to drink and positive affects on health. Black tea is used as an indispensable drink every day in Central Africa, the Middle East and Europe.

Therefore, Black tea accounts for a large proportion in tea export structure of Viet Nam. Black tea helps reduce cholesterol in blood, lose weight, stimulate digestion , strengthen the immune system. Especially, black tea can be stored in many year without losing flavor.

Green tea

Viet nam is ranked 2th in the world about exporting green tea, only after China. Green tea is quite popular in Viet Nam. Thai Nguyen Tea is the most typical type of vietnamese green tea. Besides, our country is also famous for Shan Tuyet Tea and other types of scented green tea such as Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen Tea, Tay Ho lotus, pomelo tea, gooey tea, wofl tea, jasmine tea,…

Green tea

Green Tea has many different shapes: long leaf, pointed leaf, flat leaf, twisted like gunpowder. Tea leaves color is gray-green, dark green, light green, but when you make tea, the tea leaves will have a beautiful green. And tea water is also green or yellow green with a slight taste.

Raw Tea

Exporting tea in Viet Nam are mainly in raw form, packed in 50 kilogam. Customers will buy raw tea, then processing and selling to the market.