Vietnamese fruits: The Vietnamese top exporting fruit markets

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Vietnam is named the country of rich cuisines, diverse products produced across regions, which amazes visitors from overseas.

However, in contrast, many challenges are encountered in the exporting fruit industry of this country with the strict requirements from other countries that many businesses and individuals have not been able to conquer.

Vietnamese fruits: The Vietnamese top exporting fruit markets

It inadvertently makes fruits which are the strength of Vietnam unable to be exported to other countries with potential consumer markets. Now, let’s take a look at 6 delicious fruits that have successfully reached the most difficult and demanding consumer markets.


After successfully meeting a range of stringent standards from partners, the “Vietnamese longan” has been officially recognized as a product that is allowed to import in Australia and America.

The consumer markets in Australia and America have always been considered as the most stringent markets to export fruits. This success opens great hope for the Vietnamese industry.

The most popular varieties of Vietnamese longan are Nhan Long (Cage-Longan), Nhan Duong Phen, Nhan Cui, Nhan Tieu Da Bo, Nhan Xuong Com Vang, Nhan Mien Thiet, Nhan Huong Chi, etc. they are all standing a chance to be exported to the overseas markets, thereby raising the level of the country’s credibility and quality, promoting to other foreign markets.


Especially, in the Australian market, because the Australian longan is grown and harvested in one season, from January to mid-June, the Vietnamese longan will gain the highest consumption and price points in the market by being imported in the off-season time. This is a good signal for Vietnamese longan farmers.

Export price of longan: 460,000 VND/kg

Dragon fruit

Being the first fruit to be exported to global markets, dragon fruit is compared to being the pioneer exploring the difficult export land. Being exported for the first time to the US market in 2008, since then, the import numbers of this fruit in this market are steadily increasing positively. While the first year of exporting gained the number of 100 tons, this number was raised 12 times to 1,200 tons in 2012.

Dragon fruits are packed carefully for exporting.

In 2009, white flesh dragon fruit started its journey to conquer Japanese consumers, making it able to be consumed in the most hard-to-please country in the world. As expected, white flesh dragon fruit gradually won the trust of consumers in Japan.

Export price of dragon fruit: 120,000 VND/ kg


The following the success of dragon fruit, rambutan is the next fruit to conquer foreign markets. Rambutan was first consumed in US market, followed by China and New Zealand market in the end of 2018.


With fastidiousness and strict quarantine standards of New Zealand, Viet Nam is the only country exported rambutan products to this country. This is the best signal to encourage Vietnamese as well as businesses in the journey to conquer new fertile land.

The price of export rambutan is about 80-120000 VND per 1 kilogam.


Lychee is also a famous fruit in Viet Nam. It is exported in foreign countries and received a warm welcome. Specifically, In 2014, some business in Viet Nam have negotiated and exported successfully lychee to Japan. And it continued to maintain up to now.

On April 17, 2015, after negotiation more than 12 years, Australia have licensed to import lychees for Viet Nam.


Recently, on June 30, 2019, Vietnam lychees was successful after being exported to Thailand where there are many rich fruits as our country.

The price of export lychee is about 400.000VND per 12 fruits.

Breast milk fruit

Many people can unknown breast milk fruit , but breast milk fruit is the 5th fruit in the list of fruits successfully exported to foreign countries. US market was the first destination for nutritious and delicious fruit.


In the end of 2015,Japan market received the first Cat mango shipment from Viet nam after 5 year journey for preparing documents and developing a pest control process. In the August of next year, Australia still continue to license for Viet Nam to export this fruit.


After 3 years of trying, in February 2019 with successful negotiation, mango is the 6th fruit of Viet Nam licensed to join the strict US market, it brings this market in 40 position on the map of mango export countries in Viet Nam.

The price of export mango is about 1.540.000 VND per 1 box with 12 fruits.

Currently,there are about 1,05 million hectares of fruit trees with production more than 12,6 million tons in our country. Fruit production in Viet Nam have exported to many countries in the world.

Today, Plant Production Department has licensed 998 area codes for growing fruits to export in high-quality markets such as US, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Japan and EU. Besides, 47 packing facility codes have been licensed for agricultural products exported to these markets.