Chien You Vietnam Joint Stock Company



Company Information

Chien You Vietnam Joint Stock Company specializes in the field of production of transport vehicles, LPG tanks, containers, trailers of all kinds.Being established in 2000, Chien You Vietnam Co., Ltd. has been a top company major in the following fields:

– Manufacture dedicated transport means, LPG tank, tank, trailers of all types

– Trade in materials of transport industry.

➦ As prestigious partners of major corporations: Saigon Newport Company, Cai Mep International Port, Saigon Port, VICT, TCIT, Sagawa, Logitem, Dongbang, etc

““UNANIMITY – COOPERATION – PROSPERY” we continuously innovate, improve the management quality of production and business operations in order to supply the products, meet the customers’ requirements and standards of ISO 9001-2015.

Production capacity

► The semi-trailer generation manufactured by Chien You Vietnam is offered 3-year warranty with genuine spare parts.

►The products are diversified: bone, swan-neck, dock, tailboard, terminal, tank, etc., meeting all customers’ requirements on transport.

► 75% of semi-trailer is steel therefore, Chien You only s dedicated steel used for semi-trailer manufacture and utilizes the most modern machines.

►SMRM surface is cleaned up by peening system that increases paint adherence.

►With total investment of more than 200 billion dong into the semi-trailer manufacturing factory and equipments, the Company is able to supply 2000 – 3000 semi-trailers every year.

Products & services