Dong Thap Food Company

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Company Information

Dong Thap Food Company is a member of the Southern Food Corporation. Our company has specialized in the field of manufacturing and processing rice for domestic trading and export to other countries.
-Products: Broken rice, fragrant rice, long grain rice, Tram Chim rice, Thap Muoi rice, Huong Tram fragrant rice, Jasmine rice, etc.
 => Storage capacity and machine capacity:
• Total storage area: 64,766 m2.
• Capacity: 154,568 tons.
• Rubbing and polishing capacity: 141 tons/hour, equivalent to 2,250 tons/day.
• Milling capacity: 20 tons/hour, equivalent to 320 tons/day.
• Color separation capacity: 24 tons/hour, equivalent to 380 tons/day.
• Rice drying capacity: 10 kilns, equivalent to 446 tons/day.
 => Export markets: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Middle East, Africa, Europe Americas, etc.

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