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Company Information

Eastern Lumber Co., Ltd was established in 2007, specializing in supplying Wood material (Roundwood and sawn timber) imported from USA, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Chile, Brazil, Spain, Africa.

Main products:

❉ American Wood: Roundwood and sawn timber: White Oak, White Ash, Red Oak, Walnut wood, Cherry wood, Poplar, Soft Maple, Hard Maple, Alder, etc

❉ European Wood: Roundwood and sawn timber: White Oak, Red Oak, White Ash, Beech, Poplar, etc

❉ African Wood – Roundwood and sawn timber, replacing similar types of wood in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia: Tali, Doussie, Sapelli, Padouk, Mukulungu, Sipo, Wenge, etc

❉ New Zealand Pine and Chilean Wood: Radiata Pine

❉ SPF Wood: Canada.

Products & services

Other wood materials


Company name:

Eastern Lumber Co., Ltd

Business style:

Trading company

Import Market:

EU, US, NewZealand, Chile, Canada, Africa, etc

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