Green-Tech American Company Limited



Company Information

Green-Tech American Company Limited specializes in supplying Aqua bio trol probiotics, fertilizers for industrial plants, foliar fertilizers for vegetables, companion biological fungicide, etc.
In addition, we provide fertilizers and probiotics for agricultural production. With 30 years of experience in this field, we distribute prestigious and quality products that are suitable for the geological conditions of Vietnam in particular and Asia in general, constantly developing new, technically advanced products used in industry – green agriculture.
Our key products:
1. Hot tropical grass: Bermudagrass.
2. Fertilizers of USA brandname such as Growth Products, Sustane, Ocean Organic,..
3. Probiotics: Guarantee Natural, Seaweed Max, ..
4. Soil improvers: Dolomitic Limestone, Art Wilson, ..
5. Pesticides: Loveland, Crop Products Service, ..
6. Specialized chemicals: Humectants, Grass dyes, Cleaning agents, ..
7. Tools for construction and maintenance of golf courses

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