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Company Information

Han Viet Company – naturally fermented Black Garlic manufacturer according to modern Korean technology to serve the health needs of Vietnamese consumers and exported to Japan, South Korea, the US and Europe.

► Selected carefully from fresh garlic cloves produced in accordance with Vietgap standard procedure, after being washed, scoured and dried, the garlic is fermented and supervised by a team of technicians 3-4 weeks. Cool and dry at 80 – 900 degrees Celsius.

► BLACK GARLIC is a sweet, chewy, fermented product with 58 days of standard quality, ensuring food safety


✔ Reduce blood fat, stabilize blood pressure, support the treatment of cardiovascular diseases

✔ Detoxify and protect the liver: Garlic inhibits elevated liver enzymes

✔ Prevention of cancer: In black garlic contains substances that help free radicals, the cause of cancer

✔ Against radioactive poisoning, chronic nicotine detoxification, black garlic contains 198 units per gram of antioxidants, helping to protect the bodys immune system

✔ Reduce arthritis pain, diabetes

✔ Provides 18 types of amino acids, helps the body produce collagen with anti-aging effects, beautifying the skin.

***** Han Viet Company:

√ Selling at a reasonable price, much lower than similar products on the market from 30-40%

√ Delivery, exchange if problems arise quality, 100% refund if the fault from the manufacturer

√ Having a system of distribution agents nationwide

Han Viet BLACK GARLIC – A precious gift from nature for your family’s health!

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