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Holistics is a fast-growing data startup based out of Singapore, Saigon and Jakarta. Our goal is to make data a little bit l




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Holistics is a fast-growing data startup based out of Singapore, Saigon and Jakarta. Our goal is to make data a little bit less frightening and more useful for people everyday. And we plan to have a lot of fun while doing so

To date, we’re serving customers from over 20 countries worldwide from this part of the world. We have a strong product engineering culture and understand what it takes to build high-quality, scalable product. We are customer-obsessed, open-minded to new ideas and focus on improving bit by bit every day

At Holistics

People-First: That’s why we invest heavily in our people. We offer training and mentorship for every employee. We organize weekly internal sharing, and regular training sessions to help employees grow

Teamwork over one’s work: We bring our best to work, let go of egos, and work with empathy and trust in each other to do great things together

Problem-solving centric: We question (almost) every assumption in every problem. We spend more time thinking about problems than solutions. We break down complicated problems into basic components, question their premises, and reassemble them from the ground up

Chuyên môn của chúng tôi

We use Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Vue.js, ES6 and a lot of SQLs. It’s great if you know these, but it’s not a big deal. We’re confident you’ll pick these up quickly on the job.

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Our application’s architecture

To get a taste of how working with us is like, here are some insights into how our application has been built so far.

The Holistics app works by allowing data analysts to connect to their data warehouses and develop reusable “data models”. This allows non-technical users to use a friendly drag-and-drop interface to explore the data and build dashboards, without the need to bother their technical colleagues.

On the backend side, Holistics is built using Ruby on Rails as the main web framework. Unlike standard Rails project structure, we modularize the code base into local gems and engines to improve maintainability and extensibility, following modular monolith pattern. This also follows the pattern of “Functional core, imperative shell” with the gems being mostly functional/stateless code and engines handle the imperative/stateful part of the app.

By using Sorbet to add static typing on top of Ruby, we ensure that most of our Ruby code has annotated type signature. This not only reduces a whole swath of common bugs that plagues Ruby codebases but also significantly improves developer productivity through IDE/editor integrations.

We use PostgreSQL for our main production database due to its reliability and rich feature-set. We have built a custom job queue system on top of Postgres, which are then executed using Sidekiq on top of Redis.

Vue.js 3.0 with TypeScript is our framework of choice for front-end development. To deal with displaying huge amount of data, we build sophisticated, custom Vue components that lazily render the data. Since many complex computation are done on the front-end, we also use Web workers to decouple those computation from the main rendering thread. This enables smoother user experience while also decouples computation from rendering logic.


The way we work

We follow Spotify squad model. Our team is split into 4 squads, each (5-7 members) consists of engineers, product managers & designers working closely together.

How we work on a new feature:

We avoid being a feature factory. We’re aware more features do not equal better product.

We do not compromise product and code quality for artificial deadline. We refactor and think about code optimization regularly. We understand the good and bad of technical debt and use them to our advantages.

We employ “pair programming” practices regularly where two team members work on a task together in one workstation. This brings a great deal of benefits, among which are faster knowledge transfer, reduced bus factor, better team cohesion and improved code quality.

We have a strong writing culture: Almost everything is communicated through written documents. Just as our developers write reusable codes, we write evergreen notes.

We maintain a problem-solving culture. Everyone is strongly encouraged to have rigorous understanding of a problem, separating Problem Space vs Solution Space as well as using Eigenquestions to find the most important dimensions of a problem. Solutions are deliberated over with trade-offs explicitly listed in discussion documentation. Watch this talk about problem-solving for engineers that our cofounder gave (in Vietnamese)

Our culture stimulates continuous learning:



‍ Training & career developments

Competitive salary and benefits

Awesome company policies

Workstations provided for maximum productivity

Working time: From Monday – Friday, from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

Work location: Charmington La Pointe Building, 181, Cao Thang Street, District 10, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Learn more: https://careers.holistics.io/

Về Chúng Tôi

Intelligent and competent coworkers, exciting products, great management…

Good Environment: The startup and global environment gives me opportunity to learn fast grow fast as well as to build a product that thousands of business use around the world.

The best thing is that you can work on many interesting problems that even nobody has solved it. But it’s not about ideas, at a great and lean startup like Holistics, you can experiment and apply your ideas to see how they impacts the users immediately which is the most awesome way to learn and grow.

– Nice product (and beautiful codebase).

– Hard problems to solve.

– Own the product

– Awesome colleagues.

– Flexible hours.

Working in business intelligence industry

Dell U2417H, Leopold 750R ninja caps, Razer Abyssus v2

– Because this is startup company, I can do a lot of things that can improve my personal skills and know how to build a new company.

– Wonderful benefits for each members, included: Good Salary, Healthcare Insurance, Annual Holiday, Weekly TED talks, Team building, snack, fruit if you want and weekly happy hour,etc.

– I have never seen a good environment that friendly and wonderful like here. Friendly, no dress code, maximal productivity, etc.

– I can work effectively and don’t care about the thought of others. So, it’s easy for me to develop myself.

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Holistics is a fast-growing data startup based out of Singapore, Saigon and Jakarta. Our goal is to make data a little bit l