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Company Information

Huy Hoang Vietnam Sandal Production Co., Ltd (Huy Hoang Slipper) – Manufacturer of all kinds of indoor and hotel slippers such as sedge mat, sandals, fabric slippers, bamboo sandals, clogs, open-toed sandals , ..
☞ Using 100% natural materials exploited and processed in Vietnam
☞ Designing samples according to customer needs with over 20 years of experience in producing slippers
☞ Qualified for export to US and Africa markets
▼ Sales policy ▼
∞ When customers have orders of 100 pairs or more for 1 sample, we will sell at wholesale prices.
∞ When the customer is a distributor, we guarantee to always support our customers the best after-sales service. Long-term liabilities for reputable distributors
∞ We design a template specifically for corporate customers, when the business orders 50 or more pairs (such as embroidery with logo designs as required)
∞ Guarantee all products within 2 months due to manufacturer errors
▼ Regular customers ▼: Thao Dien Investment, Salinda, The Shells, Dang Le Tourist, Castleknock, ..

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