Mino Mart Vietnam International Trading Company Limited

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Company Information

Do you want to find a prestigious teddy bear factory?

Mino teddy bear factory is confident in the sewing, embroidery and design team with high-speed workmanship and guarantee the product at top quality.

➦ Young, dynamic and creative staffs who catch the market trend very fast.

Mino teddy bear factory manufactures & supplies products such as office pillow, Brown Bear, Sleepy Pig, Hamter Mouse, Totoro, etc. All Minos products are ISO 9001: 2000 certified.

Mino teddy bear factory always leads the trend and designs the most trending products. With the motto “DIFFERENCE TO EXIST” Mino will only produce the new teddy bear model rather than the old one.

➦ All products at Mino teddy bear factory have clear origin and ensure absolute safety for customers to use, with clear labels to distinguish Minos products.

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