Nava Family Co., Ltd

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Company Information

Nava Family Co., Ltd is a manufacturer and first-class distributor, specializing in the manufacturing and supplying of large roll toilet paper, tissue paper boxes, large toilet paper boxes installed next to the sink, toilets for hotels, restaurants, bars, individuals and organizations in need.

Direct production:

☛ Large roll toilet paper: 500g, 700g, 900g, 1000g

☛ Manufactured ndustrial toilet paper as required, super economical large roll toilet paper, large silk roll toilet paper, long roll toilet paper, etc.

☛ Other papers: Paper towels, multi-purpose paper, kitchen paper, etc.

Direct import: Large roll toilet paper box, stainless steel toilet paper box, high quality abs plastic box, tissue box for hand towels, soap dispenser

Advantages: Our companys paper is manufactured according to EU technology, using 100% virgin material, no recycled paper, no bleaching chemicals, ensuring consumer health & minimizing the risk of congestion.

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