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Ngoc Nghia Industrial Service Joint Stock Company is the leading company in Vietnam in PET industry:

+ Plastic gas cap, no gas, PCO bottle cap, colored plastic cap, water bottle cap, hot filling bottle cap, ..

+ Pet embryos: PCO 1810, PCO 1881 Pet bottles containing cooking oil, chemicals, mineral water, dipping sauce, ..
➥ Owns and operates three subsidiaries specializing in designing and manufacturing all kinds of workpieces, bottles, caps
Phôi The most advanced modern PET preform and bottle production line in Vietnam

➥ Quality management system ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000 (upgraded to FSSC 22000), HACCP

➥ The staff of nearly 1,000 people with many years of experience

➥ Trusted by over 1,000 businesses from different industries

>>>> Our success has been built on the quality foundation achieved through product research and development, advanced technology and exceptional human resources. We are committed to providing superior and diverse products. For NNG, customers are always the core, the focus in all activities.

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Company name:

Ngoc Nghia Industry – Service – Trading Joint Stock Company

Business style:

Trading company

Main Markets:

Russia, China, Taiwan

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