Ngoc Thu Lantern Production Facility

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Company Information

Ngoc Thu Lantern Production Facility was established in 1995, with a team of more than 100 workers specializing in producing traditional lanterns such as bamboo lanterns, wooden lanterns, iron lanterns (surrounded by silk fabric with traditional pattern), etc.

– Up to now, lanterns have been more diversified. In particular, the establishment also exports traditional lanterns made from bamboo to many countries around the world. Ngoc Thu facility is a unit with many contributions to the protection and registration of Hoi An lantern brand, is the representative for Hoi An Lantern Association to register trademark.

– The products of Ngoc Thu Base are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and natural to humans. Featured products are highly convenient, safe and suitable for traditional Vietnamese culture.

– Our facility directly produces with the motto: “Diverse models – Rich colors – Quality meets international standards”.

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