Nhat Viet Green Technology Application Joint Stock Company

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Company Information

CPUD Japanese Green Technology Company is VIKILL for short – under the system of CPUD Corporation Nhat Viet Green Technology is a manufacturer and exclusive distributor of VIKILL brand personal health care products. Typical products:

+ Bactericidal and deodorizing products: Vikill disinfection water, Vikill deodorized water, Vikill hand washers, Vikill disinfectant odor, etc.

+ Detergent: Yoi cleaning solution, Yoi bleaching solution, Yoi rust remover solution, etc.

With the orientation of becoming a reputable manufacturer and distributor in the field of high quality disinfectant right from the early days, VIKILL has researched and tested at the Ministry of Health about the standardization with Vikill brand deodorizing and disinfecting water products.

With the professionalism and dedication, we are committed to bringing the best products to the customers quality of life.

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