Oxy Chemicals Company Limited

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Oxy Chemicals Compnay Limited has more than 12 years of experience in importing and distributing over 300 types of chemicals with standard quality and best consulting servicessuch as:
– Composite materials: Butanox, Epoxy Resins, Tooling Gelcoat, Ooling Gelcoat / Gelcoat.
– Pharmaceutical Chemicals: Cosmetic: Acetylsalicylic Acid (Aspirin), Anhydrous Caffeine, Camphor Powder (Synthetic), Salicylic Acid, Talc Powder USP.
– Food Chemicals: Acesulfame K FCC IV, Benzoic Acid, Citric Monohydrate, Citric Khan, Malic Acid.
– Basic Chemicals: Acetic Acid, Talc Powder USP, NaCl (Salt), Na2CO3 (Soda), Acetone.
– Fertilizer – Agriculture: Urea, Calcium Chloride (CaCl2), Ammonium Sulfate – S.A, Boric Acid.
– Chemicals for water – aquatic products: Iodine 99%, Polymer Anion / Cation, Sodium Percarbonate, etc.
Our products have clear origin as they are imported from major chemical companies in the world such as En Chuan, Cargill, Sasol, KCC, etc.

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Oxy Chemicals Company Limited

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Trading company

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from 11 – 50 people