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Company Information

Dung Thanh Company Limited has been operating since 1999 as the exclusive importer and distributor of Xtraseal Silicone Glue in Vietnam. Main products include:
+ Acidic Silicon glue, Neutral Silicon glue, PU Foam glue, Xtraseal sealant, Xtraseal heat sealant, ..
+ Supply Xtraseal engine oil, Xtraseal automatic gear oil, gear oil, ..
+ In parallel, we expanded the maternal and baby products such as: Baby walkers, baby carriages, strollers, baby car seats, etc.

XTRASEAL – The No. 1 adhesive brand from Malaysia. The factory offers more than 60 specialized adhesive products, silicone, heat-resistant glue, anti-rust oil, sanitary oil, … applications for the construction industry, automotive industry, marine industry, etc.
>>>> With the goal of caring and serving customers thoroughly, Dung Thanh Company has created a system of more than 20 distributors in provinces and cities nationwide.

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