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Established in 1998, with many years of valuable experience in alloy steel industry, Thang Loi Co., Ltd. has always been one of the leading manufacturer in suppling casting products along with modern facilities, advanced technology and professional services to customer. With the throughout slogan “Win & Win”, for many years, the company has continuously innovated and improved, being a trusted partner of many domestic and foreign businesses!

With the output capacity of 20,000 tons / year and management system corporated in accordance with ISO standards, Thang Loi Co., Ltd always meets the marketing demand for heat-resistant steel products, abrasion-resistant and impact-resistant alloy steels, cast iron and ductile iron for mining industry, cement factory, thermal power plant, precision factory, etc..
VICO has invested in strategic assets and production lines such as: Disamatic mold , Alphaset, foam vacuum casting line, and a modern laboratory fully equiped by a lot of machinery, equipment, specialized software in accordance to standards ISO:17025. Furthermore, product quality and especially quality management system according to ISO 9001:2015 is a top priority in the strategy to build trust and recognition of customers.

Along with modern facilities and a skillful, experienced, professional human resource, our products currently have officially been present in the entire territory of Vietnam and reached the potential markets as Japan, Korea, USA, Canada, European.

The strong support and sustainable cooperation of the domestic and foreign customers and suppliers, along with the passion and continuous efforts of all employees, We fully believe that Thang Loi Co., Ltd shall be your reliable supplier!

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Thang Loi Co., Ltd

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Vietnam, Japan, Canada, Germany, Spain, The US

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from 201 – 300 people


ISO 9001:2015