Thang Thanh Company Limited

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Company Information

With more than 20 years of operation in the field of water supplies business, Thang Thanh Company Limited is proud of our reliable partner.

Currently distributing fields:

A- Water supply materials.

1. Galvanized steel pipes and zinc accessories of all kinds

2. Plastic pipes and fittings..

3. Valves, faucets, bathroom accessories.

4. Water tools, industrial valves, water meters.

B- Types of steel:

1. Black welded steel pipes, cast steel pipes.

2. Box pipes of all kinds.

3. Steel shapes: U, C, I, H, Z.

C- Cooling THP, color coated roofing, galvanized.

In particular, we receive the orders for processing of color coated roofing any size with all types of waves required by customers.

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Company name:

Thang Thanh Company Limited

Business style:

Trading company

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Established Year:


Number of Employees:

from 101 – 200 people