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►►► TOTAL VIETNAM is always proud of being the first and only unit in Vietnam to invest in welcoming a new technology to manufacture special-made batteries and high quality lead-acid battery batteries on the line. Imported technology, European standard
➠ Our products have for many years been accepted by the national market as a substitute for imported goods. TOTAL is constantly investing in innovation in technology equipment, improving product quality and diversifying in categories from motorbike batteries, car batteries, batteries for electric golf car golf courses, ports to accumulators. special specification of high quality pole tube for electric forklifts, batteries for mining wagons in coal mines, locomotives accumulators, .. with capacities from 100 to 1000Ah.
➠ Our products have for many years received the Gold Medal and are certified as high quality Vietnamese goods by the Ministry of Industry.
➠ TOTAL Vietnam has a team of technicians specialized in batteries with sufficient materials, chemicals, sufficient specialized equipment, which can receive consultancy, installation and repair of battery and battery assemblies. source of DC batteries for industrial and civil purposes, repair and restoration of alkaline batteries and production of chromium and nickel electrodes at the request of customers, processing and manufacturing precision mechanical products for service Export paper production and trade.

➠ Our goal is to continuously innovate and expand the market, diversify the product categories and maintain the first unit to manufacture and supply special batteries for the national market to replace products. import. TOTAL always ensures to meet the requirements of customers with perfect service criteria, reasonable prices, to meet all the requirements of customers from domestic and foreign economic sectors.

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Total Vietnam Co., Ltd

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Vietnam, International (Korea)

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from 51 – 100 people


GM – High Quality Vietnamese Goods