Van Diem Paper Joint Stock Company



Company Information

Giay Van Diem Joint Stock Company was established in 1998 as an enterprise with more than 20 years of operation.

+ Production, supply and export: Printing paper, writing paper, colored paper, Kraftline paper, Chipboard paper, corrugated paper, ..

+ Supply of pulp: Imported pulp, all kinds of pulp, ..


➡ The company was established in 1962 under the name Van Diem Paper Factory and was equitized in 2005, after 50 years of establishment, the company has made great strides and affirmed its brand in the market. .

➡ From 2009, the annual revenue reaches from VND 120 billion to VND 250 billion.

➡ Closed production process, strictly controlled

➡ The quality of international standard products conquers fastidious customers such as the United States, Canada, ..

➡ Fulfill large orders at the request of customers

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