Viet Nhat Insulation Materials Co., Ltd

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Company Information

Viet Nhat Insulation Materials Company specializes in manufacturing and supplying soundproofing materials used for central refrigeration systems, shipbuilding, generators, boilers, oil and gas and insulation for industrial roofs.

Main product:

Rockwool: Has good sound insulation and especially superior fire resistance up to 1000 degrees

➟ Used for insulation, sound insulation, fire protection for buildings, cinemas, theaters, discos, karaoke rooms, etc.

Glasswool: Heat insulation, sound insulation, high insulation, non-flammable, soft and have good elasticity

➟ Application for piping in refrigeration industry, furnace system, etc.

Soundproof XPS sheet: High compressive strength and absolute water resistance, anti-moisture ideal

➟ Used to insulate soundproof and anti-vibration for discos, bars, floors, roofs and walls

Soundproofing foam: Made from foam, it has low coefficient of heat conductivity and high aesthetics, good sound absorption ability and heat insulation.

➟ Used for decoration, insulation and sound absorption of cinemas, theaters, discotheques, karaoke rooms, etc.

Crystal cloth: fire resistance, heat insulation, sound absorption, noise reduction, no rotting, not elastic, anti-corrosion.

There are also many other types of sound and heat insulation materials. Please contact us for advice on suitable categories and get a prompt quote.

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Company name:

Viet Nhat Insulation Materials Co., Ltd

Business style:

Manufacturer, Service company

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FDi in Vietnam

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Number of Employees:

from 11 – 50 people