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TOP 7 most famous villages of bamboo and rattan craft products in Vietnam

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Bamboo and rattan weaving was formed and developed thousands of years ago. Through many ups and downs during the development, bamboo and rattan weaving is getting more and more flourished with a certain position in the consumer market.

Nowadays, bamboo and rattan craft products are one of the handicrafts with great export value in Vietnam. It is the top of the line in many countries, such as Japan, America, Spain, Russia, etc. Along with international trade integration, bamboo – rattan industry has changed dramatically and achieved many successes.

So, have you ever wondered what the most famous villages of bamboo and rattan craft products are in Vietnam? If so, let’s take a look at this top list of famous villages of bamboo and rattan craft products in Vietnam.

Phu Tinh Rattan and Bamboo Village

This is one of the villages formed in the 17th century in Vietnam. Phu Vinh village belongs to Phu Nghia commune – Chuong My district, Hanoi. The village is known for its gorgeous and delicate bamboo and rattan craft products in various styles and designs. It is also a popular tourist attraction.

The village’s products are diverse and combined with both traditional and modern colors, as well as the unique subtleties of the craft village over the years.

There are not only products served everyday activities, such as trays, plates, baskets, drainers, but the local people also show their talents in beautiful souvenirs which require high techniques, such as picture frames, decorations, portraits, horizontal lacquered board, couplets, with interior furniture for those who love originality, such as table, chair, vase, night lamp. Just rattan fibers and white bamboo rods, a craftsman with God-like hands create beautiful products that attract many customers.

By creativity and skill, the local people produce countless simple, rustic products which are bold by the village’s taste. With skillful hands, the craftsmen in this village have developed and established many bases within the commune and provided jobs for laborers.

The passion and love they have for their traditional occupation are clearly shown in every product. Therefore, these products have been presented in many countries around the world.

Tang Tien Bamboo and Rattan Craft Village

Tang Tien bamboo and rattan craft products have a history of over 300 years of formation and development in Tang Tien commune – Viet Yen district – Bac Giang province. The village is known for its standard high-quality products, such as mattresses, pillows, bags, bamboo screens.

The village’s products are preserved carefully by the craftsmen to avoid termites or color fading. It is that quality that helps products of Tang Tien craft village be trusted by users.

It has been a long time since this peaceful village has been an attractive destination for traders and international tourists who are interested in bamboo, rattans, and the bamboo – rattan craft products which are symbols of Vietnamese people.

That’s why the bamboo and rattan products of this village have never stopped reaching out to continents in the world, such as Asia, Europe, America, Africa. It is not only about a traditional village with its long history and beautiful craft products, but also the diversity in the product’s styles and designs that helps the bamboo and rattan craft products of this village reach the hands of people who love bamboo and rattan products.

Ninh So bamboo and rattan craft village

The village of bamboo and rattan weaving of Ninh So is one of the most long-history traditional villages in Thuong Tin hometown. It was formed very early, which is considered the earliest in Hanoi today.

Ninh So bamboo and rattan craft village belong to Ninh So commune – Thuong Tin district – Hanoi. It is known for its products associated with farmer’s lives, such as fishing-tackle, or basket, to catch shrimp and fish.

The brilliance and creativity of the local people help them to have prospective lives due to the yield of shrimp and fish caught every day when the country was in its turmoil, and stepped into the renovation. The country is on the upswing, production has just applied technologies, however, these products are still useful for the farmers who live in economically disadvantaged areas.

The bamboo knitting of this village is increasingly developed, it is so sophisticated that the artisans only need to look at photos to get ideas of how to knit, create a vivid landscape or portrait picture like works of art.

From the 20s of the 20th century to the present, many artisans in Ninh So bamboo and rattan craft villages have products shown in domestic art fairs. In 1931, bamboo and rattan products of Ninh So village were shown in the Paris Arts and Craft Show – the capital of France. Nowadays, many products of this village are exported to many countries in Asia and Europe.

Thach Cau bamboo and rattan craft village

This village is considered the father of weaving. It is also the place where bamboo and rattan grow. Thach Cau bamboo and rattan craft village is located in Nam Truc district – Nam Dinh province. It was formed and developed thousands of years ago.

Thach Cau bamboo and rattan craft village in Nam Dinh province was established and existed through many generations in Thach Cau. Nam Tien commune (Nam Truc district, Nam Dinh province). In this village, from 10-year-old children to the elderly, people are skillfully weaving bamboo and rattan on their daily day basis, getting this traditional occupation along with the village’s history of formation and development of hundreds of years.

“Thach Cau Basket is the top of the world” is a song expressing the pride in the bamboo and rattan weaving of the people living in Thach Cau village, Nam Tien commune. And that has preserved and developed this traditional profession of Thach Cau village for the past hundreds of years.

Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan craft village

Ngoc Dong village in the Duy Tien district owns its traditional bamboo and rattan craft which has been on its way of development. The village’s reputation is spreading further and further. Every day, people who come to this village to buy bamboo and rattan craft products, with those who supply material to make these craft products make this village more and more hustle and bustle.

Ngoc Dong bamboo and rattan craft village in Hoang Dong commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam province is one of the most famous bamboo and rattan craft villages in Vietnam. It is also the village with a long history, and products which are not made from bamboo like other craft villages since products of this village were made from rattan and Giang tree.

From these two trees, skillful artisans make products like rattan chairs, trays, vases, plates, bowls, in different styles and designs. The bamboo and rattan craft in Ngoc Dong village has brought more stable and prospective lives to the local people.

It is clear that Ngoc Dong is the most well-known destination for its oblique rattan products which are made by knitting obliquely rattan fiber with Giang fiber to create products with high durability and non-deformation when encountering different climate conditions. The products can be bags, suitcases, trays, plates, or even big wash-tubs with excellent hardness which are undeformed even though being sit on.

 Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan

Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan in Khoai Chau District, Hung Yen Province is one of the most famous Export Bamboo and Rattan Craft Villages. Craft Village was formed in the 90s of the twentieth century and developed to today.

There are many difficulties in the beginning to build a career and it seemd impossible to survive. However, with the love of the craft of the people, they helped the craft village to survive and developed with many small facilities in Lien Khe commune.

Today, Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan product is increasingly developing and becoming a familiar brand used in the decoration of interior spaces with unique Vietnamese culture.

Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan products were exported in many countries such as Japan, Korea, America,… through many export orders, Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan product is loved by international customers. The orders are increasing everyday about quantity as well as a variety of designs.

It is the first time to join tradition craft Festival in Hue in 2019, Bamboo and Rattan Craft Village will bring many unique and rich designs such as food trays, umbrella boxes, racks, flower pots, baskets and paper boxes,..

With a simple, rustic, sophiscated and attractive features with high aesthetic value and applicability, it is hoped that Lien Khe Bamboo and Rattan products will gradually assert their position in the market and become more and more known to tourists.

Bao La Bamboo and Rattan

Bao La Bamboo and Rattan is a craft village with small production, backward and in danger of disappear, but when it specializes in knitting household bamboo and rattan products, Bao La village( Quang Phu Commune, Quang Dien, Thua Thien Hue) has developed spectacularly with useful handicraft products to serve daily life for both Vietnamese and the world market.

The traditional Bao La Bamboo and Rattan craft village was informed and developed over 600 years in Thua Thien Hue. It has been producing many jobs for local bamboo and rattan producers.

Bao La Bamboo and Rattan in Quang phu, Quang Dien- Thua Thien Hue is proud to be the place that produces the most durable and quality baskets in our country. Baskets is the main product in Bao La Craft village.

They are close and attached with farmers in the harvest of their homaland. From bamboo materials, products such as baskets, sieve,…. appeared to serve the workers life in the country.